SDS2 Login and License Management

Watch a video tutorial here.

With SDS2’s new cloud-based licensing system, users will need to log in to access their SDS2 software.

When you launch SDS2 2022 for the first time, you will see a login screen asking for that 'User Name’ and ‘Password', which you would have set up via the recent email invitation from

Reset password online

If you have forgotten your password, click the “Reset Password” button. This will open in an internet browser, where you can view and manage your login information.  

To reset your password: >Under the Login >area, click "Edit”.

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On the 'Password’ field, click the “Change” button to change your password.

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Managing your licensing in SDS2

Once you are logged into the SDS2 software, the Home Screen will appear. Here you will notice a new tab called Licensing on the lefthand side of the screen.

Under this tab, you will see information about the “Current license user” and be able to log out if needed—for example, if another user needed to log in to SDS2 on the same computer. The “Org Admin” for your company controls which users have access to which seats of SDS2. For example, one user may have access to Drafting, but not Modeling.

Note: Unless you manually log out on this tab, you will remain logged in, even when you close and reopen SDS2.


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Under the “Log out” button is text that will tell you when the current license expires. This is used in two different ways. In general, it will display the normal expiration date of your license. If you have borrowed a license for offline use, it will indicate how long you can use the license offline before validating with an internet connection.

Borrow for offline use

SDS2’s new licensing requires regular validation via internet access. However, users who will be working without internet access can “borrow” licenses for up to 28 days. To do this, simply set the number of days you will be offline, and click the “Borrow” button. A borrowed license is not available for use by anyone else.

Once your “borrow” period is up, you will need to “return” your license by clicking the “Return borrowed license” button while connected to the internet.

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Unexpected loss of internet connection

If SDS2 cannot validate your license through an internet connection, a window will appear with an error message and several options. In the event of an unexpected internet or power outage or other connectivity issues, you can select to “Use contingency license".This will allow you to work offline for up to five days.

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Administrative and support options

Additional buttons on the Licensing tab include “Organization Administration", which will direct to the Org Admin portal on the website, and “Save license log", which is used for troubleshooting.