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------ SDS2 programs ------

SDS2 full-featured programs (links to Home ) :

SDS2 Detailing is a comprehensive modeling and drafting program.

SDS2 Modeling delivers the modeling capabilities of SDS2 Detailing, but functions like a review station for drafting.

SDS2 Drafting gives you the drafting capabilities of SDS2 Detailing, but has restricted modeling capabilities, much like an SDS2 review station.

Estimodeling delivers most of the capabilities of SDS/2 Modeling, including the ability to import and export 3D models. It allows you to generate fast and accurate model-based cost and quantity estimates without relying on tables or third-party software.

The SDS2 Concrete Station gives you the features of the SDS2 Concrete add-on module in a stand-alone program that can operate independently of SDS2 Detailing. Currently there is no separate help manual for this program. Steel to steel connections cannot be designed in a concrete station.

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SDS2 review stations (links to Home ) :

SDS2 Model Review (formerly called SDS2 Approval) provides review capabilities that facilitate fast and accurate communication between, for example, the detailing group and an engineer who is approving their work.

SDS2 Site Planning (formerly called SDS2 Erector) adds crane-lift management and crane modeling to the review capabilities found in other SDS2 review stations . Crane placement erection view drawings can also be generated.

SDS2 Fabricating adds CNC to the review capabilities found in other SDS2 review stations

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Viewer (lacks the status-transfer and many input/output capabilities that are possessed by a review station) :

SDS2 Viewer is downloadable, for free, and does not require that you dedicate a computer to be the web server. To download the viewer, go to , then click " Download SDS2 Viewer ."

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SDS2 truck loading program

SDS2 Load Planning (formerly called SDS2 Fortosi) can read an IFC file generated from, for example, an SDS2 or Tekla model in order to generate an optimized plan for loading a truck. If you have a Export Model license, you can use SDS2 Load Planning Export to generate an IFC file that includes members that you have selected in Modeling . Go to for more information.

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------ Modules ------

BIF (Bill Interchange Format) SteelProjects Export
Cranes Export Model
Import Model
Steel detailing neutral file **
PML **
VRML (for all users)
CIS/2 **
U3D (for all users)
IFC **
Drawing Conversion (DXF, DWG, DXB, DGN)
EJE Export
FabTrol Export *
Tekla EPM Export *
KISS Export *
P2 Export
SPN Download SDS2 Concrete
  * = requires a KISS license ** = requires a full Export Model license
Note: For some SDS2 programs, licenses for these modules are provided for free. For others, the license must be purchased. Contact your sales representative for more information.

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