2022 Enhancements

SDS2 Detailing 2022

2022 Enhancements:

Release notes for 2022:

Release notes for pre-2022 SDS2 software:

Enhancement pages for pre-v2021 SDS2 software:

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Licensing :

Licensing for SDS2 programs is now internet-based and is administered in the cloud. Provision is made, however, for using these programs offline.

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Flush framed clip connections :

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No Paint Tools :

  • No Paint and No Paint Layout are tools that add an area of " User created material " to a member so that, when it is auto detailed with templates, it shown outlined with dashed lines. Optionally, member detailing with templates may also be instructed to fill the area with hatch and to label it with "NO PAINT" or other text.
  • No Paint tool icons can be taken from the group named ' Model -- Material ' and placed on a toolbar (classic) or the ribbon (lightning).
  • No Paint and No Paint Layout tools are SDS2 Toolbox tools. Such tools are free to users whose support accounts are current. Contact an SDS2 sales representative for more information. To download these tools, log in at https://sds2.com and search ( ) for "toolbox".

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Handrails :

Handrail pickets have been improved. There are new options to control spacing and how that spacing is applied to left and right hand rail returns.

  • Formerly, the Hand Rail tool would not add pickets at stair and flat handrail splices and returns. Now they are added.
  • You can select a round bar picket material " Section size " from the local shape file, so that round bar pickets match an available shape. Formerly, you input a bar diameter.
  • On the Hand Rail window, Max clearance " replaces the " Max spacing " found in versions of SDS2 programs previous to v2022. This sets the clearance between pickets and posts as measured from the outside of their material. By contrast, " Max spacing " measured picket spacing from their centers. To improve dimensioning, you can " Round up " this clearance to an appropriate increment.
  • Optionally, a " Left end spacing condition " (or right end condition) can be chosen to space a picket from an end by a ' Setback from point' distance that you enter. Otherwise, it is spaced using the " Max clearance ."
  • Rounding and spacing options ( Max clearance , " Left end spacing " etc.) can be applied to left or right ends independently of the main section settings.
  • Home >  Project Settings >  Job > Plugin Defaults >  Member Plugin Defaults > Hand Rail Setup has new options for pickets corresponding to those on the Hand Rail window. New template detailing options for picket dimensions can be also be found on the Hand Rail Setup window.

Greater control of the size and placement of internal and external galvanizing vents is provided.

Corner posts can be added to handrails or omitted.

  • When the left section end has a return, a " Left corner post " can be added to the ' Main section ' or to a ' Return ', or it can be omitted (' None '). This is also true of a " Right corner post " when the handrail has a right return.
  • " Left Corner Post " options can be set independently of the main section or return that you add it to, as can the " Right Corner Post " options.

A new ' L Shaped Plate ' material post connection is available. Setup for this plate can be found in Home >  Project Settings >  Job > Plugin Defaults >  Member Plugin Defaults > Hand Rail Setup .

For the ' Base Plate ' connection, the post " Hole Offset Type " can be changed from the ' Center ' to the ' Left... ' or ' Right of Post '.

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PDF Submittal Tool :

The PDF Submittal Tool exports sheets and submittal cover sheets to PDF files and, optionally, provides convenient cloud-based hosting for them on Bluebeam Studio.

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User and Site Options :

User and Site OptionsGeneral > " UI theme " changes the color scheme of Home , the Modeling and Drawing Editor environments, tool windows, progress bars, etc., in both the ' Classic ' and ' Lightning ' layout styles . The new ' Dark " theme shows light characters and icons on a dark background.

User and Site OptionsGeneral > " Quick access sidebar items size " allows you to change the size of tool icons that appear on the quick access feature of the ' Lightning ' layout style .

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Material Operations :

Added Material Operations button to Material Edit windows.

  • While editing material, Material Operations opens a new window where users are given options to show or delete previously performed Material Fit commands.

New Material Operations tools, Show , Hide , and Hide All provide another quick way to work with any voids that were created during a Material Fit.

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Connection Cubes :

Connection cubes are objects, that when added to the 3D model in Modeling , cab provide reports for any structural node inside of it.

  • Connection cube reports can consist of 2D and 3D representations of the cube's connections, system-generated calculations similar to Connection Design Calculations and Expanded Calculations . You can also add your own attachment to these reports by using the Connection Cube Attachment Manager .
  • The Connection Cube Edit tool opens the Connection Cube window, from which you can customize and generate connection cube reports.
  • Connection cubes can be selected in the 3D model -- the Connection Components ' selection filter can make that easier.
  • You can also select them in the Model Tree when you " View by " ' Connection Cube ' .
  • You can toggle the display of connection cubes in Modeling by using the " Connection Cubes " display option.
  • Optionally, as you Detail Erection Views you can also add " Connection Cubes " as annotations.
  • Several new tools are provided for adding and updating connection cubes:
Connection Cube Add Adds a connection cube to represent a structural node using member ends or connection components that you select.
Connection Cube Detail Automatically details the connection cubes that you select from the 3D model.
Detail Connection Cubes from List Automatically details the connection cubes that you select from a list.
Connection Cube Isolate Isolates the connection cube that you click or have preselected.
Add Components or Member Ends to a Connection Cube Adds selected components or member ends to a connection cube.
Remove Components or Member Ends from a Connection Cube Removes selected components or member ends from a connection cube.

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Other enhancements :

You can right-click and drag any pinned tool to change its position on the quick access feature of the ' Lightning ' layout style .

Custom Parametric Launchers, Report Launchers, and Selection Launchers can be used in keyboard configurations, shortcut menu configurations, and mode configurations. Previously, you could only add them to toolbars and to the ribbon.

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