Tekla PowerFab Export ( Home & Modeling )

Tool summary :

  • Provides an export that is similar to Full Transfer, but is specifically tailored to Tekla PowerFab.
  • Tekla PowerFab Export is an SDS2 toolbox item available for download at no additional cost to SDS2 software users whose support accounts are current. For more information, contact your SDS2 sales representative.
  • To begin exporting, navigate to Home > Export > MRP > Tekla PowerFab and select the desired output options.
  • The Tekla PowerFab export tool can also be found in Modeling in the " Command group " called ' Toolbox ' in Toolbar Configuration or in the Ribbon Editor .
  • For more information about transferring data between SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab, please refer to SDS2 and Tekla PowerFab Data Transfer Best Practices.
  • For similar work flow instructions, see Full Transfer .
  • For more information about how to tailor files for use with the Tekla PowerFab program, consult its documentation.

Also see:

VIDEO A survey of Tekla PowerFab Export options is provided. (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v2022.)

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