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ASD 15th Edition Hole Options

End Reaction on Erection Views and in the Model

Expanded Staggering Options On Gusset for
Horizontal and Vertical Braces

Expanded Stiffener Options for Base/Cap Plate Connections

Remove Hidden Lines on Handrail Drawings

Saved Material Operation - Cut Layout

Surface Finish - Overview

Surface Finish - Setup

Surface Finish - Apply to Members and Materials

Surface Finish - Tools

Surface Finish - Drawings

Welded HSS Vertical Brace Connections


SDS2 Login and License Management

User Experience Enhancements

End Plate Extension

Unity Ratio

Shoulder Dimension

Flush Framed Clip Angle

Saving Material Fit Operations

Handrail Overview

Handrail Pickets

Handrail Corner Posts

Handrail Galvanized Vent Holes

Connection Cubes

Connection Cubes Revisions


Flush Framed Joists

Base & Cap Plate Welds

PDF Expanded Calculations

Grid Add Enhancements

Inner Flange Plates for Column Splices

Through Plate Enhancements

Horizontal Brace Gusset Plate Enhancements

Seismic Design

Girts & Secondary Girts


Cruciform Sections

PDF Linking

PDF Submittal Tool

Point Clouds


New ABM Interface

Split Windows

Detail Views and Changing Member Style

Bracing to Bracing Connections

Magnifiers and Changing Member Style on the Fly

Listing Bolts, Nuts and Washers Separately in the BOM

Save Custom Filters

Member Add Categories

Stair Member Line