The Drawing Summary window ( Drawing Editor )

The Drawing Summary window tells you how many Drawing Editor objects of particular types have been used in your current drawing.

Drawing name: read-only . The file name of your current drawing.

Scale: read-only . The " Drawing scale " of your current drawing.

Object   Used  
 This is type of object (" Arc ," " Circle ," etc). " Polygons " are used for materials. The total number of a particular " Object " in your current drawing. For " Plotted bill lines ," this column shows the number of bill lines used/allocated (e.g. 20/48). 
  A special case: The number of " Plotted bill lines " is shown on this window if your current drawing is a detail sheet. The number of bill lines used is calculated from the number of lines in the bills of details that have been Added to the sheet. The number of allocated bill lines is set when the bill is Placed on the sheet or sheet outline.

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