Drawing Editor > Tools > ...

Tools > Erection View Cleanup >

Edit Several > Cleanup Window (traditional)
Edit by Location (one member only) > Erection View Cleanup
Edit by Piecemarks > Erection View Cleanup
Edit by Member Numbers > Erection View Cleanup

You can select multiple members, then " Edit " on the context menu .

Applications : These tools are for use on erection view drawings.

Shortening and Unshortening

Shorten Drawing
Unshorten Drawing

Details, submaterials, evus, job/global standards.

Measuring Distances

Ruler > Distance Ruler

Adding Graphics

Material Drafting > Material Drafting

File Information & Selection

Review 2D Item (can be used on member, submaterial or erection view details)
Set Selection Filter
Edit Selection Filter


Scale Drawing Single Axis
Scale Drawing Dual Axis

Drawing Summary

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