The Submaterial Piecemarking Conflict window

1 . Some ways to open this window:

  • Apply a " Piecemark " from the Base / Cap Plate Schedule as an existing material to, for example, a beam. Then change that plate's definition on the Base / Cap Plate Schedule . That material will not change on the beam. Instead, validation will open the Submaterial Piecemarking Conflict window (this window), which is described in step 2.
  • In the model, find a clip angle configuration or end plate or shear plate that has been assigned a standard piecemark . Write down the piecemark. On the setup window, revise the definition assigned to that material. Press " OK " on the setup window and go to step 2.

2 . This window opens. It gives you the following options for changing the marks on materials generated using the old (unrevised) plate or clip angle definition:

Re-piecemark material with: Temporary Mark or System Mark .

Select ' Temporary Mark ' to have a piecemark with the prefix TmpMk applied to the existing materials. This prefix can help you to find the mark using the Model Tree , presumably so you can then change the mark or revise the material.

Select ' System Mark ' to have SDS2 piecemarking assign the existing material(s) a piecemark using the " Submaterial Piecemarking Prefix " for that type of material ( example : p32 or a24).

Same for all conflicting piecemarks: or .

If this box is checked ( ) and there are conflicts with more than one standard piecemark , all of the materials with conflicting piecemarks will be re-piecemarked using the same method that you selected above.

If the box is not checked ( ), a version of this window will pop up for each material piecemark that is in conflict.

Alternative 1 : Press the " OK " button to close this window and continue. Go to step 3.

Alternative 2 : Press the " Cancel " button if you do not want to resolve this piecemark conflict at this time. This window will probably warn you about this piecemark conflict at a later time. Do not continue.

3 . The material whose piecemark conflicts with the setup standard piecemark will be assigned a new piecemark (all materials with piecemark conflicts will be assigned new marks if " Same for all conflicting piecemarks " was checked).

Possibility 1 : This window will open again for a different material (if you did not check " Same for all conflicting piecemarks "). Repeat step 2.

Possibility 2 : You are done.

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