Intersection of Real Line (INRL) ( Modeling & Drawing Editor )

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   Example :

The green pointers in this illustration indicate the positions of intersections of polygon sides . INRL could be used to locate a point at any one of these intersections, as well as intersections of lines .

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   Locating a point using INRL :

1 . Invoke Construction Line Add or Add Bevel Symbol or any other tool that permits the use of INRL as a Locate option.

2 . Various Locate options become active, and the status line prompts you to locate a point.

2a : Select the INRL icon , or choose Locate > Intersection Real Line .

2b : Place the mouse pointer ( ) so that the point location target ( ) snaps to the point of two intersecting lines or polygon sides or lines-polygon sides that is nearest to the mouse pointer. The X-Y-Z display shows the coordinates of the point. Left-click ( Locate ) to locate (place) a point at the center of the target.

2c : Continue to perform the operation you began in step 1.

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