plugins/Distributed folder

  • The plugins /Distributed folder that is used by your current version of this program contains Python -based plugins that are overwritten each time you update your SDS2 software.
  • SDS2 programmers have not authored any of these files, nor does SDS2 promise to provide technical support related to their use.
  • plugins /distributed/ElectronicApproval:
ApprovalSheetSorting Attachment_Tool OpenSheet
  • Tip: To ensure that the same plugin is used in a particular Job, throughout the course of that Job's development, you can use the Plugin Manager utility to copy that plugin from the plugins folder in the data directory for your current version of this program to the plugins folder in your current Job. If you do not do this, that Job may use a plugin that will be overwritten the next time a new version of this program is installed.

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