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Fabricator > Standard Fabricator Connections

Clip Angle Settings - Bent Plate Settings - Shear Plate Settings - End Plate Settings - Beam Seat Settings - Joist Connection Settings ( ) - Cap Plate Settings - Extended Flange Plate Settings ( ) - Gusset Plate Settings - Column Splice Settings - Welded Connection Settings
Preferred Connection Material Sizes

Fabricator > Standard Fabrication Connections >  Preferred Connection Material Sizes

Preferred Angle Sizes
Preferred WT Sizes
Preferred Flat Bar Sizes
Preferred Plate Sizes

Fabricator > Piecemarking

All-Bolted Clip Angles >
Bolted/Welded Clip Angles >
All-Welded Clip Angles >
Standard Shear Plates
Standard End Plates
Member and Material Piecemarking
Member Descriptions

Fabricator > Piecemarking > All Bolted Clip Angles

Heavy Gage OSL All-Bolted Clip Angles
Wide Gage OSL All-Bolted Clip Angles
Narrow Gage OSL All-Bolted Clip Angles
Single Clip Angles All-Bolted

Also see:   Clip Angle Configurations

Fabricator > Piecemarking > Bolted/Welded Clip Angles

Welded OSL Bolted/Welded Clip Angles
Single Clip Angles Welded OSL
Heavy Gage OSL Bolted/Welded Clip Angles
Wide Gage OSL Bolted/Welded Clip Angles
Narrow Gage OSL Bolted/Welded Clip Angles
Single Clip Angles Bolted OSL

Also see:   Clip Angle Configurations

Fabricator > Piecemarking > All Welded Clip Angles

All-Welded Attached to Supporting Clip Angles
All-Welded Attached to Supported Clip Angle

Also see:  Clip Angle Configurations

Fabricator > Sheets and Reports

Bill of Material Layout
Sheet Revisions
Sheet Loading Settings

Fabricator > Detailing

Dimension Settings - Detailing Defaults - Drawing Presentation - Non-std Field Bolts on Erection Views - Line Weights - Detail Erection View Defaults - General Presentation - Detail Evu Defaults for Site Planning - Bolt Detailing Settings - Detailing Symbol Settings - Connection Erectability Settings - Galvanizing Settings - Member Detailing Settings - Erection View Member Labels - Member View Defaults - CNC Center Marks - Material View Defaults - Position and Match Marks

Fabricator > Concrete

Concrete Member & Material Piecemarking
Tilt-Up Panel Detail Settings

Fabricator > Rebar

Rebar Schedule Placements
Rebar Template Manager
Report Manager

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Job > Connection

User Defined Connections
Auto Standard Connections
Base / Cap Plate Schedule
Embed Schedule

Job > Design

Design Settings
Plate Design Settings
Moment Plate Design Settings
Flange Plate Clearances
Weld Design Settings
Seismic Weld Access Holes
Schedule of Min. for Structural Members
Schedule of Min. for Single-Pl Shear Conn
Field Clearances
Composite Reaction Factors

Job > Bolt, Washer, and Hole

Bolt Settings
Bolt Specifications
Nut and Washer Schedule
User Slot Lengths

Job > Material Grades

Angle Grades
Cruciform Grades
Channel Grades
Flat Bar Grades
Grating Grades
HSS / TS Production Standards
HHS / TS Grades
Pipe Grades
Plate Grades
Rebar Grades
Round and Square Bar Grades
Shear and Threaded Stud Grades
Turnbuckle / Clevis / Pin Grades
Wide Flange Grades
WT Grades

Job > Modeling

Material Usage Descriptions
Member Revisions
Member, Material, Bolt and Weld Colors
Predefined Colors
Event Logging
Member and Drawing Restrictions
Predefined Note Tags
Member Pins
Job North
Site Location
Import Model Offset
Zone and Sequence
Joist Manufacturers

Job > Custom Properties

Activate Custom Properties    *
Job Properties    **
Member Properties    **
Material Properties    **
Hole Properties    **
Bolt Properties    **
Weld Properties    **

  * If modular
   ** These open the same window -- Edit Schema -- but get different lists of schema entries.

Job > Plugin Defaults

Command Plugin Defaults
Component Plugin Defaults
Member Plugin Defaults

Job > Concrete

Concrete Strength
Concrete Finishes
Concrete Cover Surfaces
CMU Templates
Thickened Slab Templates
Concrete Column Templates
Concrete Beam Templates
Grade Beam Templates
Continuous Footing Templates
Footing Step Templates
Pilaster Templates

Job > Rebar

Concrete Reinforcement Defaults
Rebar Definitions
Rebar Coatings
Rebar Specifications
Rebar Usage Descriptions
Standard Rebar Bends

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