Joist Manufacturers Manager ( Utility Functions )

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VIDEO Joist Manufacturer Manager is used to add two new joist manufactures. As a result, they become selectable at Home > Project Settings > Job > Joist Manufacturers > " Joist manufacturer ." (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v2017.)

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Frequently asked questions

What is a joist manufacturer? A joist manufacturer is made up of Python files, .xml file(s) which list available section sizes and are named JoistPropertiesImperial.xml and/or JoistPropertiesMetric.xml, and a plugin file with the keyword "[JoistManufacturer]" in it. You can find joist manufacturer plugins in the joist_mfgs folder in the data directory for the current version of the SDS2 program that you are using.

What is the Joist Manufacturers Manager ? It is a utility that lets you copy joist manufacturer plugins into your current Job . Once a joist manufacturer is in your current Job, you can go Home > Project Settings > Job > Joist Manufacturers and select it to be your " Joist manufacturer ."

Does the selected " Joist manufacturer " affect modeling? Yes. When you select a " Joist manufacturer " in Project Settings , any joist " Section size " that you subsequently select in Modeling will be a section size that is available to that manufacturer. For example, CJ joists will become available to you in Modeling when you choose 'Vulcraft ' as your " Joist manufacturer, " but that series of joists will not be available when ' Default ' is selected. Also, the selected " Joist manufacturer " affects how a joist is modeled when ' Mfg pre-config ' is the " Panel display method ."

How do I know which joist manufacturers have been copied? The Joist Manufacturer Manager lists under the Job manufacturers heading the joist manufactures that have been copied to your current Job.

Can I copy a manufacturer without using this utility? Yes. Home > click the current Job's name > press " Create New " on the Job selection dialog that opens. If you then select a joist manufacturer other than ' Default ' as the " Joist manufacturer ," that manufacturer is copied to your current Job, and when you open the Joist Manufacturer Manager , you will find that Job listed under the Job manufacturers heading.

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Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Home > Utilities > Utility Functions > Joist Manufacturers Manager . The Joist Manufacturers Manager is shown below.

2 . If you want to copy manufacturers from the joist_mfgs folder in the data directory for the current version of the SDS2 program that you are using, that is the choice that is made to " Parent folder " by default, and you can safely skip this step and go to 3. If you want to copy from a different location, press the "file cabinet" browse button ( ) and browse to the folder ( ) you want to copy the joist manufacturer(s) from.

3 . Under " Valid manufacturers ," you will find the joist manufacturers that are contained in the " Parent folder ." Select one or more of these joist manufacturers.

4 . Press the " " button.

5 . The joist manufactures that you selected under the heading " Valid manufacturers " are copied to the list under " Job manufacturers ." Any one of these manufacturers can now be selected to be the " Joist manufacturer " that is used in your current Job.

6 . You can, if you choose, repeat steps 3 and 4 to copy additional joist manufacturers. Press the " Close " button to close the Joist Manufacturer Manager when you are done.

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