Making Entries to Windows in SDS2 Programs

Types of entry fields :

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Text entry fields require that you enter a specific date or distance or file name or number (such as an angle ) or any sequence of an allowed set of characters.

  • To make a text entry, click the field, then type the characters that you want, then press Tab to move on to the next field.
  • Some text entry fields have a "file cabinet" browse button ( ). Pressing the button opens a list of allowable text entries. Double-click an item in the list to enter it to the field.
  • The entry to a text entry field is entirely selected if User and Site Options > General > " When an entry field is clicked " is set to ' Select the contents of the field '. You get a cursor if ' Place the cursor where I clicked ' is the choice.

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A list box ( ) lets you select a single option among many. Unlike a combo box , a list box does not let you manually type in text.

  • Instead of using your mouse pointer, you can use up/down arrow keys to open the list and select an item on it. Press the Enter key to apply the selection to the field.
  • Also see: User and Site Options > General > " The up and down arrows " > ' Select within comboboxes '.

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A combo box combines a list box with the ability to manually type in text:

  • On a bolt diameter field, you can either type a diameter, or select a diameter from the list.
  • You can find a " NM bolt diameter " combo box on the Beam Edit window.

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Radio buttons let you select one entry per field:

  • Radio buttons are usually represented by circles that are filled in or not filled in with a black dot ( = selected; = not selected). Pen buttons for plotting and line type buttons are other types of radio buttons.
  • For a given field, only one radio button can be selected at a time.
  • Clicking an option selects that option for the field and deselects the option that was formerly selected.

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Check boxes allow the selection of multiple options to the same field:

  • When the check box is not checked, that option is not selected.
  • Many check boxes can be checked at the same time.
  • Checking a different box has no effect on any other check boxes that are a part of the same field.
  • Pressing the space bar when a check box has focus changes the box from unchecked to checked (or vice-versa).

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Check boxes are also used to turn options on or off . The following example also shows that turning an option on or off may relate to the enabling and disabling of user input.

  • The above example is from the Beam Edit window. If the box for " Auto " is checked ( ) for a particular option, a value entered in setup is automatically applied. If the box for " Auto " is not checked ( ), then you can enter the value that you want connection design to use.

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