Center of Screen (CNTR) ( Modeling & Drawing Editor )

Tool summary :

  • CNTR stands for "Center of Screen." It is a snap that can be used to locate the center of a drawing area or view.
  • CNTR can be used in Modeling or the Drawing Editor to lay out construction lines. It can also be used to lay out grid lines or to position and size various graphics. Simply snap to the point, then left-click ( Locate ).
  • CNTR can be used to find the 0, 0 global coordinate in Modeling . In a plan view that has nothing in it, the 0, 0 global coordinate is the center of the screen. To make your current plan view have nothing in it, choose View > Display Options and turn off the display of all drawing items . Choose File > Revert View to reload your current plan view so that its 0, 0 point is at the center of your computer screen. When you start up a tool that requires point location, such as Construction Line Add and choose CNTR as your Locate option, the point location target ( ) will snap to the 0, 0, ? global coordinate, and the X-Y-Z display will read 0, 0, ?, where ? is the elevation of your current plan view. Click here for instructions on how to find the 0, 0, 0 global coordinate.
  • The size of a sheet (in the Drawing Editor ) does not change. Consequently, if you first Zoom to Fit (with no selection) or Revert , CNTR will always find the same point in the sheet file. You might therefore use CNTR as the reference point for adding standard details that you want centered on the drawing. For example, to center a standard detail for a border to a sheet.
  • See the example and the step-by-step instructions .

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   Example (also see the step-by-step instructions ) :

When CNTR is the only active Locate option, you always get a point at the center of the drawing area, no matter where you move your mouse pointer ( ).

   Locating a point using CNTR (also see the example ) :

1 . This operation can be performed in the Drawing Editor or Modeling.

1a : Invoke Construction Line Add or Add Line or any other tool that permits the use CNTR as a Locate option.

2 . Various Locate options become active, and the status line prompts you to locate a point.

2a : Select the CNTR icon or choose Locate > Center of Screen .

2b : Place the mouse pointer ( ) anywhere inside the drawing area (not on a toolbar or the desktop) so that the point location target ( ) snaps to the center of the screen.

2c : Left-click ( Locate ) to locate (place) a point at the center of the screen.

2d : Continue to perform the operation you began in step 1a.