Detail Connection Cubes from List ( new )

Tool summary :

  • Automatically details the connection cubes that you select from a list.
  • In order to " Generate Reports " for a cube when "   Include 2D detail " is checked, the detail(s) must exist for its members. This tool provides a convenient way to detail multiple connection cubes without selecting them in the 3D model. Details are created regardless of the cubes's settings for " Include 2D detail ."
  • To invoke Detail Connection Cubes from List use any one (1) of the following methods: Method 1 : At Home , choose Home > Utilities > Process/Detail > Detail Connection Cubes . Method 2 & 3 : In Modeling , click the icon, or use a keyboard shortcut . For Ribbon Editor or Keyboard Shortcut Editor in the lightning interface, the Detail Connection Cubes from List icon or keyboard shortcut can be found in the ' Model -- Connection Cubes ' command group.
  • To detail connection cubes : 1 ) Invoke Detail Connection Cubes from List . 2 ) A selection dialog opens. On it is a selection list of connection cubes. Select the cubes that you want to detail from the list and click the " OK " button. A progress bar will open as details are created.

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