Open Next Drawing ( Drawing Editor > right arrow )

Tool summary :

  • Opens, in alphabetical order, the next drawing that is the same type of drawing that you are currently viewing.
  • To Open Next Drawing , you can pess the right arrow key ( keyboard shortcut ) or use some alternative method such as clicking the icon shown above.

    • Possibility 1 : Open Next Drawing opens the next drawing on the alphabetical list of drawings of that type.
    • Possibility 2 : Open Next Drawing informs you that you are " At last drawing " and keeps you in the same drawing. Use Open Previous Drawing if you want to go back to the previous drawing.
    • Possibility 3 : Open Next Drawing detects that the detail complete date is set and gives you a no-yes-cancel dialog with the question, " Do you want to clear the date? " either press the " No " button to open the next drawing and keep the " Detail complete " date set as it is currently set. or press the " Yes " button to open the next drawing and clear its " Detail complete " date (so that it reads ' ***NOT SET*** ') or press the " Cancel " button to remain in the same drawing.
  • Unlike Open ( Ctrl + o ), you don't have to select the drawing from a selection list. If you have to change drawing types, use Open . Select the first item on Open's selection list if you want to use Open Next Drawing to go forward through the entire list.
  • If you set Hide Items options or check the box for " Show All " before you Open the first drawing, you reconfigure the alphabetical list that is used for Open Next Drawing . This lets you, for example, quickly review a set of beam details.
  • Also see: Open Previous Drawing .

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