Open Previous Drawing ( Drawing Editor > )

Tool summary :

  • Opens, in alphabetical order, the previous drawing that is the same type of drawing that you are currently viewing.
  • To Open Previous Drawing : Press the left arrow key ( keyboard shortcut ) or use some alternative method such as clicking the icon shown above.

    • Possibility 1 : Open Previous Drawing opens the previous drawing on the alphabetical list of drawings of that type.
    • Possibility 2 : Open Previous Drawing informs you that you are " At first drawing " and keeps you in the same drawing. Use Open Next Drawing if you want to go back to the next drawing.
    • Possibility 3 : Open Previous Drawing detects that the detail complete date is set and gives you a no-yes-cancel dialog with the question, " Do you want to clear the date? " either press the " No " button to open the previous drawing and keep the " Detail complete " date set as it is currently set. or press the " Yes " button to open the previous drawing and clear its " Detail complete " date (so that it reads ' ***NOT SET*** '). or press the " Cancel " button to remain in the same drawing.
  • Unlike Open ( Ctrl + o ), you don't have to open the drawing from a selection list. If you want to change drawing types, use Open. Select the last item on Open's selection list if you want to use Open Previous Drawing to go backward through the entire list.
  • If you set Hide Items options or check the box for " Show All " when you Open the first drawing, you reconfigure the alphabetical list that is used for Open Previous Drawing . This lets you, for example, quickly review a set of beam details.
  • Also see: Open Next Drawing .

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