Drawing Editor > File > ...

Saving and Opening Drawings

Open (has " New... " " Save As " " Rename " and " Delete " buttons)

Open Next Drawing

Open Previous Drawing

Restore Backup Drawing



Save As... (for details, job/global standards, sheet outlines)

Save Reuse... (for details, job/global standards, sheets, sheet outlines) ( )

Save Change Piecemarks (for detail/gather sheets)

Save As Symbol

Detail view drawings

Open Detail View Drawing

Synchronize Detail View Drawings

Printing your current drawing

Print PDF ( )

Revision tracking

Create Base Drawing
Archive Current Drawing
Open Archived Drawing
Compare Drawings

Placing standard details or submaterials

Add Standard Detail > Add Standard Detail

Add Standard Detail to Several... > Add Standard Detail to Several ( )

Changing File Information

Drawing Data

Verify Reference Point (for placement of various drawing types) ( )

Change Marks... (for detail/gather sheets)

Auto Change Marks (for detail sheets) ( )

Update Attributes > Update Attributes

Mode Pop Options

Clear Mode Stack

Mode Return ( )

Shutting down the Drawing Editor


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