The " Delete " button on selection dialogs

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The " Save As " " Rename " and " Delete " buttons are available for Modeling erection views as well as for all types of Drawing Editoer drawings. For drawings, also see " New ... ." (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v2018.)

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Step-by-step instructions ( Drawing Editor ) :

The " Delete " button can be used to delete a user-created member detail or job standard detail or global standard detail or reference drawing or erection view or detail sheet or gather sheet or erection sheet or sheet outline or symbol or global symbol. The button cannot be used to delete submaterials or member details that were created by auto detailing .

1 . The " Delete " button can be found on the drawing selection window for Drawing Editor . Use any one (1) of the following methods to open the drawing selection window:

Method 1 : Launch the Drawing Editor from Home .

Method 2 : If you are already in the Drawing Editor , choose File > Open .

2 . The drawing selection dialog opens.

2a : Select one of the following drawing types:  Details or Job standard details or Global standards or Reference drawing s or Erection views or Detail sheets or Gather sheets or Erection sheets or Sheet outlines or Symbols or Global symbols .

2b : Select the one item that you want to delete, then press the " Delete " button.

3 . A Yes-No confirmation dialog opens. It lists [in brackets] the name of the item you selected in step 2b and asks if you want to delete that item.

You are about to delete [item_name}.
Do you want to continue?

Alternative 1 : Press " Yes " to delete the item whose name is listed in brackets. Go to step 4.

Alternative 2 : Press " No " to cancel the deletion of the item. The item you selected in step 2b continues to be listed on the drawing selection dialog that opened in step 2. Do not continue.

4 . The item that you selected in step 2b is deleted from your current Job . The listing of the item is removed from the drawing selection dialog that opened in step 2. Please note the following:

Note 1: For global standard details and global symbols, the item is deleted in all Jobs that use the data directory that is used by your current version of this program.

Note 2: Deleting symbols does not remove instances of those symbols that have been placed in drawings. A copy of the original symbol remains in all drawings.

Note 3: Deleting a sheet outline does not affect sheets that use that sheet outline. This is also true of job standard details and global standard details. Drawings on which such items have been placed are unaffected when you delete those items.

Note 4: The " On sheet " status of sheet items that are on a sheet is updated when when the sheet is deleted.

Note 5: System-generated member details -- which are created during auto detailing -- cannot be deleted using the " Delete " button. If you select a system detail and press the " Delete " button, you get the following alert:

You can only delete USER CREATED details.

To delete a SYSTEM detail, use ' Remove Piecemarks '.


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Special instructions for " Delete " in Modeling ( erection views only ):

Select one erection view
 AB Plan
The " Delete " button is available on the Select one erection view dialog that opens when you " Launch Madelig " at Home . You'll also find the " Delete " button on the selection dialog that opens when you choose Open ( Ctrl + o ) in Modeling .
  • Once you have opened the Select one erection view dialog, you can safely follow the step-by step instructions for drawings beginning at step 2b .
  • In Modeling , erection views (grid lines) are the only items that you can delete using the " Delete " button.

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