Update Attributes ( Modeling or Drawing Editor > press q )

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   Step-by-step instructions for Update Attributes :

The following instructions assume that you are using a 3-button mouse. Note that step 1 of this procedure is optional only if you are in Modeling .

1 . These optional steps apply to Modeling only. If you do step 1b, you should press the " By Area " button in step 5.

1a (optional) : Use Status Display to assign colors to status settings you plan to change using Update Attributes . When you are done with Update Attributes ( step 7 ), the members or materials in your current view that are affected by the changes you made will be displayed based on their updated status.

Select Items bindings (step 1b)

1b (optional) : In Select Items mode with an appropriate selection filter selected, use Select or Select + (or draw an area box or Select Members by Number ) to select the member(s) that you want to change status information on. When members are selected, they are displayed in the " Primary selection color ," which by default is green. Use Select- if you want to deselect members.

2 . Open the Update Attributes window using one (1) of the following methods:

Method 1 : Home > Utilities > " Update Attributes ."

Method 2 : Use a keyboard shortcut (for example, q , Modeling or Drawing Editor ).

Method 3 : On your ribbon, click the Update Attributes icon, which is pictured above. If the icon is not currently on your ribbon, you can add it using the Ribbon Editor (lightning) or Toolbar Configuration (classic).

Method 4 : In the Drawing Editor (classic), choose File > Update Attributes . In Modeling ( classic ), choose Model > Update Attributes .

3 . The Update Attributes window opens. Select one (1) of the following tabs:

Member Routing
Material Routing

4 . To make entries to fields under the tab you selected in step 3, do the following:

4a : Check the box ( ) for any field you want to make an entry to (so your entry will be applied to members you select in step 6 ). In many cases, you will enter a date . To enter today's date, double-click; to enter ' **NOT SET** ', type 0.

4b : When done making an entry by typing, press the Tab key to go on to the next field.

4c : Repeat steps 3, 4a & 4b to make as many additional entries as you like.

Tip: The " Reset " button returns all fields to their default settings (undoes all changes you have made to the window).

5 . When done making entries to this window, do one (1) of the following. Alternative 1 is your only choice in the Drawing Editor .

Alternative 1 : Press " By Piecemark " (and go to step 6, possibility 1 ) if you want to update member details and/or detail sheets as well as members in the model.

Alternative 2 : Press " By Area " (and go to step 6, possibility 2 ) if you want to update only members in the model. Press this button if you already selected members (step 1b).

6 . The Update Attributes window closes. In this step you select the members/details to which you want to apply the information you entered in steps 3 & 4. If you pressed " By Piecemark " in step 5, see possibility 1 . If you pressed " By Area " in step 5, see possibility 2 .

Possibility 1 (" By Piecemark ") : On the selection dialog that opens is a selection list . If ' Member Mark ' is selected , the list will show member marks, and all member details as well as all members under the marks that you select will be updated. If ' Detail Sheet ' is selected, the list will show detail sheets, and Update Attributes will update those detail sheet(s) that you select, the details on the sheet(s), and the associated members in the model. A special case: For " Detail complete date ," you can select the following types of drawings: Details , Job standard details , Global standards , Submaterials , Erection view drawings , Detail sheets , Gather sheets , Erection sheets , Sheet outlines . Select as many piecemarks/sheets as you want, then press the " OK " button.

Possibility 2 (" By Area ") : If you did step 1b, left-click ( Yes ) and go to step 7. If you have not yet selected members, Select - Pan - Menu mouse bindings become active so that you can now select members. Press the Enter key (or choose " OK " on the context menu ) when you are done selecting members. When the status line prompts, " Update these members ," left-click ( Yes ) and go to step 7 .

7 . The status information you entered in steps 3 & 4 is applied to the members you selected in step 6 or 1b. If you selected " By Piecemark " with " Member Mark " selected, the status information may be applied to member details as well as members in the model. If you selected " By Piecemark " with " Detail Sheets " selected, the status information will be applied to the selected detail sheets, the member details on those sheets and also to members in the model.

Note: In Modeling , you can review this information by pressing " Status " on a member edit window to open the Member Status Review window or by using Modeling > Status Display ( ) to color-code or isolate members based on the status categories that they fall under. Drawing Editor > File > Drawing Data can be used to review this information on individual details.

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