The " Rename " button on selection dialogs

Please note: You cannot rename submaterial details using the " Rename " button.


The " Save As " " Rename " and " Delete " buttons. For erection views, these buttons are also available in Modeling . Also see " New ... ." (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v2018.)

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Step-by-step instructions ( Drawing Editor ) :

The " Rename " button can be used to rename a .member detail or job standard detail or global standard detail or reference drawing or erection view or detail sheet or gather sheet or erection sheet or sheet outline or symbol or global symbol. The button cannot be used to rename submaterials.

1 . The " Rename " button can be found on the drawing selection window for Drawing Editor . Use any one (1) of the following methods to open the drawing selection window:

Method 1 : Launch the Drawing Editor at Home .

Method 2 : If you are already in the Drawing Editor , choose File > Open .

2 . The drawing selection dialog opens.

2a : Select one of the following drawing types:  Details or Job standard details or Global standards or Reference drawing s or Erection views or Detail sheets or Gather sheets or Erection sheets or Sheet outlines or Symbols or Global symbols .

2b : Select the one item that you want to rename, then press the " Rename " button.

3 . The Rename Project Items window opens. The " Original name " identifies the drawing that you selected in step 2b. The " New name " is whatever you type in to rename that drawing.

Original name:  xxxx
New name:

Alternative 1 : Type in the " New name " (up to 61 characters) that you want, then press Enter (or the " OK " button).

Alternative 2 : If you don't want to change the name of that particular file, press Esc (or the " Cancel " button) to not change that item's name.

4 . References to the drawings you renamed in step 3 are changed within your current Job , including on the selection dialog that opened in step 2. For example, if you changed an erection view drawing's name, that name is also changed for the original erection view in Modeling . For member details, the member piecemark is changed in Modeling and even on erection view drawings and currently generated group member details.

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Special instructions for " Rename " in Modeling (erection views only) :

Select one erection view
 AB Plan
The " Rename " button is available on the Select one erection view dialog that opens when you " Launch Modeling " at Home . You'll also find the " Rename " button on the selection dialog for Open View ( Ctrl + o ) in Modeling .

Once you have opened the Select one erection view dialog, you can safely follow the step-by step instructions for drawings beginning at step 2b .

In Modeling , erection views (grid lines) are the only items that you can rename using the " Rename " button.

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