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3D Erection View Types

Plan View ( )
Section View
Isometric View ( )

Tiles >

Toggle Active Tile
Set Active Tile
Clear Active Tile
Split Tile Horizontally
Split Tile Vertically
Preinstalled Tile Configurations (One, Two Horizontal, ... etc.)

Changing an Erection View's 3D Position

Reference Elevation
Relative Depth ( )
Set Depth Checking ...

Undoing View Transformations

Undo View Change
Clear View Buffer


Solids Mode
Toggle Stick/Solid
Change All to Stick
Change All to Solid Opaque
Change All to Solid Transparent
Change All to Solid Transparent Main
Solid Opaque
Solid Transparent
Solid Transparent Main


Display Options

Retaining Views

Retain View
Previous Retained View
Next Retained View

For Members or Materials

Show Detail ( )
Show Sheet

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