Xxx Edit All commands in the Drawing Editor

A basic concept: Xxx Edit All commands operate exclusively on visible layers (layers marked " Show "). This means that you can turn off particular layers to exclude objects that are on those layers from being acted on by any of these commands.

Xxx Edit All commands are object specific. Xxx stands for the name of the object. In the Drawing Editor , the Xxx Edit All commands are:

Angle Dimension Edit All (xxx = angle dim )
Arc Edit All (xxx = arc )
Arc Dimension Edit All (xxx = arc dim )
Circle Edit All (xxx = circle )
Cloud Edit All (xxx = cloud )
Cons Circle Edit All (xxx = cons circle )
Construction Line Edit All (xxx = cons line )
Dimension Edit All (xxx = dimension )
Hatch Edit All (xxx = hatch )
Image Edit All (xxx = image )
Label Edit All (xxx = label )
Line Edit All (xxx = line )
Pointer Edit All (xxx = pointer )
Symbol Edit All (xxx = symbol )
Table Edit All (xxx = table )
Workpoint Edit All (xxx = workpoint )

To invoke an Xxx Edit All command , you can click an icon or use a keyboard shortcut , the context menu , or a mode . For the lightning interface, configuring command accessibility is done using Customize Interface .

The selection of graphic objects that is made prior to using an Xxx Edit All command does not affect the operation of the command, nor does the command affect the selection. For example, if you have clouds selected, then invoke Label Edit All , the clouds remain selected when you are done editing.

Also see :

  • Show ( Xxx Edit All commands operate on objects on layers of this type)

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