Intersection Construction Line (INCL) ( Modeling & Drawing Editor )

Tool summary :

  • INCL stands for "Intersection Construction Line." It is a snap for locating a point where construction lines intersect.
  • It can be used in Modeling or the Drawing Editor to snap to an intersection of two construction lines , two construction circles , two grid lines or where a construction line intersects with a circle or grid line or where a construction circle intersects a grid line. Simply snap to the point, then left-click ( Locate ).
  • You can also use INCL to locate noticed points . As shown in the first example below, when an INCL point is snapped to, it is marked with the text " Intersection C/C ."
  • Key concept for Modeling : INCL points snap to the work plane of a view. In a plan view , the work plane of the view is its reference elevation .
  • See the examples ( ) and the step-by-step instructions .

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   Examples :

VIDEO At an elevation of 99-2 (99 ft, 2 inches), View > Plan View is used to change the elevation to 114-6. Workpoints of beams added using INCL at that elevation are at 114-6. The video shows that INCL points snap to the work plane ( reference elevation ) of the plan view in which they are located -- a concept that still applies in current versions of SDS2 programs. (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v7.2.)

One or two temporary construction lines become visible whenever an INCL point is locatable using them. In this example, they are shown through a first point and a noticed point.

The green pointers in this illustration show intersections of construction lines. INCL could be used to locate a point at any one of these intersections.

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   Locating a point using INCL :

1 . Begin this operation in Modeling or the Drawing Editor .

1a : Invoke Construction Line Add or Add Member or Add Material or any other tool that permits the use of INCL as a Locate option.

2 . Various Locate icons become active, and the status line prompts you to locate a point.

2a : Select the INCL icon or choose Locate > Intersection of Construction Lines or select ' INCL ' on the Set Location Mode toolbar item or , if you want to use Auto point location, move your mouse pointer near a construction line intersection as described in step 2b.

2b : Place your mouse pointer ( ) so that the point location target ( ) snaps to the point of intersection that is nearest to the mouse pointer. The X-Y-Z display shows the coordinates of that point. Left-click ( Locate ) to locate (place) a point at the center of the target.

2c : Continue to perform the operation you began in step 1a.

Tip: For second point location (step 3 if these instructions were to continue), you can optionally type in a distance and/or angle to constrain the second point to the typed-in distance/angle from the first point. The distance/angle you type will be shown in brackets [ ] in the status line .

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