Release Submaterial Marks (removes zero-quantity materials)

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Materials not affected by this window :

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Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Start up the Release Material Marks utility as follows:

1a : Home > Utilities > Utility Functions . If prompted to do so, enter the " Utility Password " that has been set up for your network. Then, on the Utility Functions menu, click " Release Submaterial Marks ."

2 . The Select Submaterial Marks selection dialog opens with a selection list of submaterials whose quantity has gone to zero. Not included on the list are standard piecemarks or submaterials that have been placed as sheet items on other drawings or materials on deleted members that have not yet been released. Click here for more information.


No items are shown on this dialog's selection list when the setup option " Reuse piecemarks " is turned on (checked).

Alternative 1 : Select those submaterial marks on this list that you want to be able to be used for new material, then press the " OK " button. Go to step 3.

Alternative 2 : Press " Cancel " to end this Release Material Marks operation without changing anything. Do not continue.

3 . A yes-no warning dialog opens.

If you release these marks, they are unrecoverable and may be reused by other material. Are you sure you want to continue?

Alternative 1 : Press " Yes " to remove the zero-quantity materials that you selected in step 2. This will free up space in your current Job. It will also allow newly added materials to be assigned the submaterial marks that you removed.

Alternative 2 : Press " No " to keep the materials in the database and thus prevent new materials from being assigned those submaterial marks.

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