Detail Current Piecemark ( Drawing Editor -- member details only)

Tool summary :

  • Works like Detail Members , but auto details your current member detail only.

1. While in the member detail that you want updated, choose Process > Detail Current Piecemark , or click the icon , or use a keyboard shortcut .

2. Detail Current Piecemark opens the Detailing and Annotations window. The representation at left shows the options on that window. Click a link for more information about a particular option.

3. Auto detailing updates you current drawing per the choices you made on the Detailing and Annotations window.

  • Detail Current Piecemark applies to member details only.
  • After Detail Current Piecemark , your current drawing is replaced (in memory only) by the results of the detailing. If you don't like the results, you can Undo . To keep the results, you can File > Save .
  • Detail Current Piecemark works for member details that are set to " Detail complete " or to " Detail frozen ." However, to save the updated version of the detail, you need to clear the " Detail complete " or " Detail frozen " date.
  • Detail Current Piecemark does not clear the needs-to-be detailed flag. This is because the operation does not, in itself, update the saved-to-disk version of the drawing, but only updates the drawing in memory. To save to disk the results of Detail Current Piecemark , you can File > Save .

Possible applications :

  • Suppose you current drawing needs to be updated. Detail Current Piecemark can help you to decide between SDS2 re-detailing it and you updating it manually. After detailing, use Undo and Redo to compare the two versions of the drawing.
  • Suppose you have made a setup change that affects details. Detail Current Piecemark can be used to test the effect of that setup change on various drawings, without permanently making changes to those drawings.
  • You can use Detail Current Piecemark to Detail BOM only .

Also see :

VIDEO Show Detail is used o show a beam detail that includes user-added views. The user-added views are then deleted in member isolation and the detail is redetailed (using Detail Current Piecemark ) to demonsrate that the views are no longer shown on the detail. (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v7.3.)

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