Zoom to Fit ( Modeling & Drawing Editor )

Tool summary :

  • Zooms in/out to the selection or, if nothing is selected, to the extents of all items within your current view.
  • When items are selected, Zoom to Fit adjusts the display of those items so that they fit within the available space on your computer screen. If in Modeling a component part of a member (material, bolt, etc.) is selected, the entire member is fit into the available space.
  • If no items are selected, Zoom to Fit behaves like Unzoom -- it zooms in or out to display all members (or objects) that can be seen within that view's limits.
  • See the example and the step-by-step instructions .

Also see :

VIDEO A quick demonstration of Zoom to Fit. (Recorded in SDS2 Detailing , v7.2.)
  • Undo View Change (undoes most recent zoom)
  • Revert (brings back default perspective of current erection view)
  • Unzoom (unzooms to a view's limits even if there is a selection)

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  Example :

1 . Zoom to Fit is invoked with four members selected ( green ).
2 . Zoom to Fit zooms in to the selected members so that they fill the center of the computer screen.

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  Step-by-step instructions :

Zoom to Fit can be used in Modeling or the Drawing Editor . The following instructions assume that you are using a 3-button mouse.

1 . Do one (1) of the following to Zoom to Fit :

Method 1 : Click the Zoom to Fit icon. The icon can be taken from the group named ' Navigate -- Navigation Mode ' ( Modeling ) or ' Navigate -- Navigation Mode ' ( Drawing Editor ) and placed on a toolbar (classic) or the ribbon (lightning).

Method 2 : If the " Modeling layout style " or " Drawing Editor layout style " is ' Classic ', you can use the menu system to choose Navigate > Zoom to Fit .

Method 3, 4 or 5 : Zoom to Fit can also be configured to be invoked using a keyboard shortcut , the context menu , or a mode . For the lightning interface, this configuration is done using Customize Interface .

2 . One of the following happens:

  • Zoom to Fit zooms or unzooms so that the members associated with the items that are currently selected fill up the drawing area on your computer screen.
  • If no items are selected, Zoom to Fit unzooms to the view's set limits.
  • If your current view has no set limits, Zoom to Fit zooms out (or in) so that all members (objects in the Drawing Editor ) that can be shown from that perspective are shown.

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