Explode Selected Objects ( Drawing Editor )

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   Objects that you can explode :

  • Bevel symbols explode into component lines and separate rise and run labels.
  • Bolts explode into component lines, including lines with dash patterns.
  • Dimensions explode into component lines and separate primary and secondary labels.
  • Holes explode into component lines.
  • Labels with borders explode into component labels and lines or clouds.
  • Members explode into lines and separate labels for piecemarks and section sizes.
  • Pointers explode into lines for the shaft and the diagonals making up the arrow head.
  • Polygons explode into lines -- surface hatching in not affected.
  • Sheet items * explode into lines, arcs, circles, clouds, polygons and labels.
  • Symbols * explode into their constituent objects that are displayed on screen.
  • Weld symbols explode into lines and separate labels for weld size and tail text.

* See the tool summary .

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   Objects that you can't explode :

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   Step-by-step instructions :

Explode breaks apart composite Drawing Editor objects such as bolts, polygons, sheet items and symbols into their component lines, labels, circles or arcs. The exploded object loses its characteristics as a single object of a particular type and instead becomes various objects of one or more other types. You can select more than one objects to explode at a time.

Step 1 (preselection) is optional. If you don't do step 1, in-tool selection is required -- see note 2 .

1 (optional) : Select one or more objects to explode. The " Selected count " in this example is ' 1 ' since only one weld symbol is selected.
2 . Invoke Explode . If you didn't do step 1, see note 2 before going to step 3.
3 . The selected objects (one weld symbol in this example) are broken down into their component objects (five lines and two labels in this example).

Note 1: To invoke Explode :

Method 1 : Click the Explode icon. The icon can be taken from the group named ' Edit -- Area Mode ' and placed on a toolbar (classic) or the ribbon (lightning).

Method 2 : If " Drawing Editor layout style " is ' Classic ', you can use the menu system to choose Edit > Explode .

Method 3, 4 or 5 : Explode can also be invoked using a keyboard shortcut , the context menu , or a mode . For the ' Lightning ' layout style, configuration of the interface is done using Customize Interface .

Note 2: If you didn't do step 1 (preselection), Select Item(s) mouse bindings are activated so that you select the objects that you want to explode. This prompting also occurs if you have made a preselection, but that preselection consists of objects you can't explode .

Select Item(s) bindings

Note 3: You can undo an Explode by using Revert or Undo . If you Save to make your changes permanent, you will no longer be able to Revert , but you can still Undo .

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