What the SDS2 CNC Module does (topic)

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Primary purpose of the CNC Module:

  • The CNC Module gives you the ability to create download files with information about the location of holes, cuts and marks on selected materials. These download files can then be used to guide CNC fabrication machines in cutting, punching and drilling operations.

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Where CNC data comes from:

  • CNC data is information about holes, cuts and marks on material. This information comes from the 3D model of your current SDS2 Job , which is developed and can be viewed in Modeling .
  • This same 3D model also contains the information used to automatically detail shop drawings. Because shop drawings and CNC information are derived from the same 3D model, an exact one-to-one correspondence is maintained between the drawing and the actual fabricated material. Thus, the possibility of fabrication error is minimized even as fabrication throughput is increased.

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Classes of machines the CNC Module supports:

  • Currently the CNC Module supports CNC machines from Peddinghaus, Franklin, Controlled Automation and a range of other manufacturers. The CNC Module can also generate CNC downoads in standard file formats such as DSTV and DXF.
  • For non-CNC machines and for machines that are not supported, the CNC Module can produce fabrication reports that along with detail drawings can assist machine operators in the fabrication of materials modeled in SDS2 programs. These reports are the Standard Punch List , Cope Report and Saw Report .

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How to get support for your machine:

  • Having the CNC Module does not necessarily mean that you automatically have support for your machine. Licenses for CNC configuration types are purchased separately from the CNC Module. Click here for a list of available types. If a particular machine that is in your shop is not on the list, that does not mean that particular machine is not supported. A single configuration type may be used for CNC machines of different manufacturers that have similar controllers.

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Setting up the CNC Module:

  • The CNC Module allows you to set up distinct setup configurations (which contain setup limitations and information on material orientation) for different setups and machines in your production facility.
  • Multiple setup configurations can be set up for each CNC configuration type . This lets you download CNC data for similar machines that are set up for handling different materials or with different tools.

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