The Report Selection window ( CNC )

Step-by-step instructions :

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Step-by-step instructions for generating a report :

1 . Before generating the report:

1a : Make sure that the items you plan to select in step 5 are up to date. See step 1 of the downloading instructions.

1b : Select the " CNC configuration " and " CNC type " that you want. Make any setup changes you desire. Note that the " CNC type " can be any type -- it can be but doesn't have to be ' Peddinghaus Cope ' or ' Cope Report ' or etc. See step 2 of the downloading instructions.

1c : Optionally change the output configuration for User and Site Options > Output > " CNC ." See step 5a of the download instructions.

2 . Open this window:

2a : Press the " Report " button on the Computer Numerically Controlled window.

3 . The Report Selection window opens. Select the radio button ( ) for one of the following report types:

'   Standard Punch List ' generates a Punch List for materials that you select in your current Job.

'   Cope Report ' generates a Cope Report for materials that you select in your current Job.

'   Saw Report ' generates a Saw Report for materials that you select in your current Job.

'   CNC Setup ' generates a report that lists the setup options that apply to the currently selected " CNC configuration ."

Alternative 1 : Press the " OK " button to continue to step 4 if ' Standard Punch List ' or ' Cope Report ' or ' Saw Report ' is selected. If you selected " CNC Setup " and press " OK ," the report is generated without any additional steps.

Alternative 2 : Press " Cancel " if you want to close this window without generating a report. Do not continue.

4 . If you are generating a Punch List , Cope Report or Saw Report , a selection dialog opens. On it is a listing of items that you can include in the report.

Note that you can select ' Details ' or ' Submaterial ' or ' Detail sheets ' or ' Gather sheets '. Select by detail or detail sheet if you want the reports to be on the main material associated with the member piecemark . Select by submaterial or gather sheet if you want the report to be on a particular material associated with a submaterial mark .

Alternative 1 : Select each of the items you want a report on, then press the " OK " button. Go to step 5.

Alternative 2 : Press " Cancel " to end this operation without outputting any CNC reports. Do not continue.

5 . If the box for " Disable error checking " is not checked ( ), each of the materials you selected undergoes verification .

Possibility 1 : A report is output for a selected material if that material is free of errors. Each report that is output is named for the member piecemark or submaterial mark selected in step 4b and given a " .txt " extension.

Possibility 2 : An error message is generated instead of a report if a selected material is found to have CNC errors.

Note 1: If the box for " Disable error checking " is checked ( ), you will not get any error messages. You might still, however, get warning messages in addition to the report, if one can be generated. A Cope Report cannot be generated for a material that is not coped or has no flange thinning operations. A Saw Report cannot be generated for a material that does not have web cuts or flange cuts.

Note 2: If you output the reports to the report viewer (" Screen "), you can now review the reports on screen, one at a time, then optionally print them or output them to disk (see report viewer ).

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