Cut ( Drawing Editor > select object(s) > Ctrl + x )

Tool summary :

  • Deletes Drawing Editor objects that you select and saves a temporary copy of them so that you can later Paste them elsewhere.
  • For example, you can Paste the Cut objects to another location in your current drawing, or you can Paste them to another drawing.
  • The Drawing Editor retains the Cut objects in memory until you restart your computer or do another Cut or Copy operation.
  • The reference point used for pasting the Cut objects is at the lower, left of the bounding box of the copy.
  • Cut operates independently of a similar operation for cutting text in SDS2 windows. To cut text in an entry field on a window, use Ctrl + x , which also happens to be the default keyboard shortcut assigned to Cut .
  • See the step-by-step instructions .

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   Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Before using this tool:

Select Items mouse bindings

1a : In Select Items mode, use Select or Select + (or draw an area box ) to select the graphic objects (lines, circles, labels, etc.) that you want to Cut (they change color when selected). Use Select- if you want to deselect objects.

Tip: The selection count decoration shows you the number of objects you have selected.

Special cases: Selected polygon sides will be converted to lines when you Paste them. Polygons that are selected in their entirety remain polygons when you Paste them.

2 . Invoke Cut using any one (1) of the following methods:

Method 1 : Click the Cut icon. The icon can be taken from the group named ' Edit ' and placed on a toolbar (classic) or the ribbon (lightning).

Method 2 : If " Drawing Editor layout style " is ' Classic ', you can use the menu system to choose Edit > Cut .

Method 3, 4 or 5 : Cut can also be invoked using a keyboard shortcut , the context menu , or a mode . For the ' Lightning ' layout style, configuration of the interface is done using Customize Interface .

Method 6 : In Select Items Mode , right-click ( Menu ) and choose " Cut " on the context menu .

3 . The selected objects disappear. A copy of those objects is maintained in memory so long as you do not Copy or Cut or Copy with Reference Point or Cut with Reference Point another group of objects.

Note: If you Cut a group of graphic objects, then use Ctrl + x to cut text in an entry window, each cut is stored in memory independently. This means that if you then Paste , the graphic objects will be pasted, not the text.

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