CNC - Material by Location ( Modeling )

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   Step-by-step instructions :

The following instructions assume that you are using a 3-button mouse. You must do either step 1d (preselection) or step 3 (in-tool selection) to perform this operation.

1 . Before using this tool:

1a : Make sure that User and Site Options > Output > " CNC " is set to the directory (file folder) you want the CNC files to be downloaded to.

1b : Set " CNC configuration " and " CNC type " on the Computer Numerically Controlled window to generate an download file format that is appropriate for the CNC machine that you plan to download to.

1c : On the CNC Setup window, the option " Use CNC piece quantity in " can be set to ' Job ' or ' Selection '. Set it to ' Job ' if you want the quantity reported in a file to be a count of all materials under the particular material mark that you selected. Set it to ' Selection ' if you want the quantity in the download file to exactly match the quantity of materials (with that same mark) that you selected.

Select Items bindings (step 1d)

1d : (optional) : In Select Items mode with the appropriate selection filter selected, use Select or Select + (or draw an area box ) to select the material(s) that you want to download. When selected, the materials will be displayed in the User and Site Options > Modeling > " Primary selection color ," which by default is green. Use Select- if you want to deselect material.

2 . Invoke CNC - Material by Location using any one (1) of the following methods:

Methods 1, 2 & 3 : Click the icon, or use a keyboard shortcut, or use the context menu. A CNC - Material by Location icon can be added to your toolbar (classic) or ribbon (lightning). The icon, keyboard shortcut or context menu command can be found in the group named ' Model -- Material '. For lightning, Customize Interface is used to configure ribbons, keyboards, the context menu and modes.

Method 4 : If " Modeling layout style " is ' Classic ', you can use the menu system to choose Model > Material > CNC - Download by Location .

3 . Skip this step if you already selected material(s) in step 1d.

Select Item(s) bindings

3a (if you didn't do 1d) : CNC - Material by Location prompts you to use Select Item(s) mouse bindings to Select or Select + one or more materials. You can also select materials by drawing an area box or using the Model Tree . Press the Enter key or right-click ( Menu ) and choose " OK " on the context menu to signal to the CNC - Material by Location that you are done selecting materials.

4 . CNC - Material by Location downloads materials that have errors per the CNC setup options " Download holes outside diameter range as " and " Download holes too close to edge, web, flange, bend and hole as ." Or if " Disable error checking " is on (checked), you get a download without correcting the problem. When a download file is generated for a material, " CNC Downloaded " on the General Information window is set to ' Yes '. The download files are named after submaterial marks (lower case). Note the following scenario:

Scenario: Your select one main material ( w38 ), thus generating one file. The DSTV file would be named w38.nc1 . If " Use CNC piece quantity in " is ' Job ', the w38.nc1 file reports a quantity of at least 4. It reports more than 4 if members other than B_76 also have w38 as their main material. If " Use CNC piece quantity in " is ' Selection ', the w38.nc1 file reports a quantity of 1.

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