EJE Export

Tool summary :

  • Exports bill data from member details or detail sheets in a format that allows it to be directly imported to the Structural Material Manager program, which is a product of E.J.E. Industries, Inc.
  • For information on the External Data Interface (EDI) format, see http://www.steel-net.com/delimitedfieldlayout.html .
  • EJE Export does not require the purchase a special license. It is available to all users of SDS2 Detailing.
  • Here's an example:

    The bill of material for member B_9 :
    An EJE Export file of member B_9 :
    Lengths reported in the file are whole-number multiples of 1/16 of an inch. All bolts (shop or field) are reported as SB.
  • See the step-by-step instructions .

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   Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Before outputting a file:

To output data from sheets, you must have first placed member details onto detail sheets . It is not necessary to have placed a bill of material onto the sheet outline the sheet uses.

On the EJE Setup window, choose the " EJE format " and set whether you want to export flat bar as ' Bar ' or as ' Plate '.

You can also output data directly from member details . Be sure that the details are up to date.

In User and Site Options > Output > " BIF ," choose the output configuration you want.

2 . Use any one (1) of the following methods to begin output of the bill data:

Method 1 : Home > Export > EJE .

Methods 2, 3 & 4 : In Modeling or the Drawing Editor , choose Interface > EJE Export (classic), or use a keyboard shortcut , or click the icon. The lightning command group for EJE Export is ' Interface '.

3 . A selection dialog opens. On it is a list of all detail sheets in your current Job.

Optional : Press the button under " Destination " to redirect the report's output destination." Screen " indicates that this example's output is to the report viewer . For a detail sheet, " Hide ... " lets you hide sheets marked " Detail complete ."

3a (optional) : ' Details ' lists all details , including user created details , regardless of whether or not they are up to date. ' Detail sheets ' lists all detail sheets .

3b : Select the names of the details or detail sheets whose bill information you want included in the file, then press the " OK " button.

4 . Bill information from all of the detail sheets (or details) you selected is output to the destination set for User and Site Options > Output > " BIF " (unless you temporarily overrode that setting in step 3).

Note: If the destination set for " BIF " is a file folder instead of a path to a file, the Output Configuration Setup window opens. Press the button next to " File " to open a dialog that lets you choose a file path, then enter a file name.

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