Export Model - Exporting a Bechtel WALKTHRU file

These instructions tell you how to export polygon data from your current Job's 3D model to a .txt file that can be read by the Bechtel Walkthru program. Polygon data is used to display members and submaterial in solids form in Modeling . The Walkthru program can show members and submaterials in much the same way solids can be displayed in Modeling . If you are in Modeling , you can optionally preselect members as described in step 1c or step 2 .

1 . Before exporting:

1a (optional) : Make sure that all members in your current Job have undergone Process and Create Solids and that you have thoroughly reviewed the 3D Model .

1b (optional) : You may also want to set up an appropriate output configuration for User and Site Options > Output > " Export Model ." Output may be set to a specific file folder (directory) or the report viewer (your computer screen).

Select Items bindings (step 1c)

1c (optional) : In Modeling , with an appropriate selection filter selected, you can hond down the Shift key and Select+ the members that you want to output to the .txt file. If you do not select members at this time, you will be prompted to select members in step 2 .

2 . Open the Export Model window using one (1) of the following methods. If you did step 1c , you are in Modeling , and you must use method 2, 3, 4 or 5 to open Export Model .

Method 1 : Home > Export > Export Model .

Method 2 : If " Modeling layout style " or " Drawing Editor layout style " is ' Classic ', you can use the menu system to choose Interface > Export Model .

Method 3, 4 or 5 : Click the icon pictured above , or use a keyboard shortcut . If you have added Export Model to the context menu , you can right-click and choose Export Model on the context menu.

After method 2, 3, 4 or 5 in Modeling , If you did not do step 1c, Select Item(s) mouse bindings will become available, and you will be prompted to select members.

bindings in Modeling if you didn't do step 1c

If you decline to select members -- for example, by pressing Enter or Esc without selecting members -- you end this operation.

Also see: Transmittal of "Model Formats" such as WALKTHRU ( Home )

3 . On the Export Model window, do the following:

3a : Select ' Bechtel WALKTHRU ' as the " Export file format ."

3b : Confirm that the " Destination " is where you want the file to be sent. ' Directory ' outputs the file to a file folder. Export Model will name the Bechtel WALKTHRU file after your current Job and add a .txt extension. ' Screen ' outputs the file to the report viewer , from which you can optionally write to disk.

3c (optional) : If you want to change the output destination, press the " Change... " button and make appropriate selections on the Output Configuration Setup window.

3d : Press the " OK " button on the bottom of the Export Model window.

4 . After the file is written to the " Destination " set in step 3, a notification window opens. On it is the message, Finished exporting file for Export Model . Press the " OK " button at the bottom of the notification window.

Possibility 1 : If you performed this operation from the Home or in the Drawing Editor , your entire model will be output to the Bechtel WALKTHRU .txt file.

Possibility 2 : If you in Modeling and did step 1c (preselection) or step 2 (in-tool selection), only those members that you selected will be exported to the .txt file.

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