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   Example of a Steel_projects_parts_list.XSR report :

For this report, a single member (B_4) was selected in step 4 . Note that, in step 3 , there is an option to " Use submaterial mark for main material ." If that option had been checked ( ), this report would have shown w4 instead of B_4 in the main material line (where the weight is 1170).

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   Example of a Missing_files_list.txt file :

Compare this file with the Steel_projects_parts_list.XSR report shown above, which was generated at the same time. Download files named a1.nc1 and a2.nc1 were not generated -- and are therefore missing -- because the " Include attached submaterial in member download " option was turned off. /users/dave/pagemill/ is the directory (file folder) into which the a1.nc1 and a2.nc1 files would have been placed if they had been generated. The member download file (named B_4.nc1) was generated and placed into that folder and therefore is not reported as being a missing file.

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   Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Before exporting:

2 . Invoke SteelProjects Export using any one (1) of the following methods.

Method 1 : Home > Export > SteelProjects .

Method 2 : If you are in Modeling or the Drawing Editor , choose Interface > SteelProjects Export (classic), or use a keyboard shortcut , or click the icon. The lightning command group for SteelProjects Export is ' Interface '.

3 . The Steel Projects CNC Options dialog opens. Press " OK " when you are ready to move on to step 4.

Generate DSTV files
 Use submaterial mark for main material

4 . A selection dialog opens. When ' Details ' is selected (which it is by default), the default selection list includes only those details that are up to date and therefore not marked for detailing . User created details are included in this list.

Optional for ' Details ' only: Check the box for " Sub-Members " if you want to list the submembers of group members .

4a (optional) : Change the section type from ' Details ' to ' Detail sheets ' if you want the selection list to show the detail sheets that are in your current Job.

4b (optional) : Press the button under the " Destination " heading if you want the files and file folders to be output to a location other than that set for User and Site Options > Output > " CNC ."

4c : Select the items you want to be included, then press the " OK " button to cause data to be output to the destination you selected.

5 . A Steel_projects_parts_list.XSR report (and CNC download files if you checked the box in step 3 ) are output to the destination you set for User and Site Options > Output > " CNC " (or to the " Destination " set in step 4b).

  • The CNC download files are named after the piecemarks of the selected members and their submaterials and given a file extension of .nc1.
  • A Missing_files_list.txt file is output only if there is no CNC data on materials that are included in the Steel_projects_parts_list.XSR file.
  • Tip: If the folder into which the files were placed already contained a number of files, thus making it hard for you to find the files that you just generated, set the files in that folder to be arranged "by date." This will group all of the newly generated files together.

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