The Preferred Angle Sizes setup window ( Fabricator Settings )

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  Step-by-step instructions :

1 . Open the Preferred Angle Sizes window:

Method 1 : Home > Project Settings > Fabricator > Standard Fabricator Connections > Preferred Connection Material Sizes > Preferred Angle Sizes .

Password protection: If a password has been set using the Change Setup Password utility, you can open this window only if you first enter that exact password.

2 . The Angles window opens. Follow the instructions on the table below to make as many changes to the list on this window as you see fit, then go to step 3. Validation permits any angle that is in the local shape file to be added to this list.

Editing the Preferrred Angle Sizes list
To change an angle listing: Double-click to select the previous entry, press Backspace , then type an angle section (e.g. L4x3x1/2 ). 
To add a new angle: Click the first empty cell so that a cursor appears, then type in an angle section size.
To delete an angle from the list: Double-click to select the previous entry, then press Backspace
To move from cell to cell on this list, press Tab or Shift + Tab or point and click. Instead of typing in a section, you can press the "file cabinet" browse button ( ) to get a selection list of available angles.

3 . Press one (1) of the following buttons:


"OK" (or the Enter key) closes the Preferred Angle Sizes window and saves the sections listed on it to the current Fabricator . The settings may be applied in your current Job whenever that Fabricator is your current Fabricator. To change to a different Fabricator , Home > press "fabname" > double-click the Fabricator you want.

Note: If you want changes to this window applied to particular members, you can Process Selected Members then Process and Create Solids . Or you can Mark Members for Processing then Process and Create Solids .

"Cancel" (or the Esc key or the button) closes this window without saving any changes made to it.

"Reset" undoes all changes made since you first opened this window. The window remains open so that you can go back to step 2 and make the changes that you want.

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