Mark Member for Processing ( Modeling )

Tool summary :

  • Marks for processing those members that you select in the model.
  • Another way to mark one or more members for processing is to click to for " Marked for processing " on the member(s) edit window.
  • Reasons to mark members:
    • The basic reason to Mark for Processing is so that those members are changed during Process and Create Solids .
    • If you have changed Job or Fabricator Options and want your changes applied to specific members, then you should Mark for Processing the members you want to be changed, then Process and Create Solids .
    • If you Mark for Processing after adding holes to a material that is face-to-face with beam, column or brace main material, Process and Create Solids automatically matches holes in the main material and generates bolts through the matching holes. This does not work for miscellaneous members.
    • You do not have to Mark for Processing if those members have been changed using member operations such as Edit Member . Such members are automatically marked for you. See when members are automatically marked for Process or marked for Create Solids .
    • You cannot replace a graphical connection using Mark for Processing . Members with graphical connections do not undergo Process and Create Solids .
  • See the step-by-step instructions .

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   Step-by-step instructions :

The following instructions assume that you are in Modeling and using a 3-button mouse while in a view that shows the members you want to mark. You must do either step 1a (preselection) or step 3 (in-tool selection) to perform this operation.

1 . Before using this tool:

Select Items bindings (step 1a)

1a (optional) : IIn Select Items mode with the selection filter set to ' Default ' or ' Legacy Default ' or ' Beams ' or etc., use Select or Select+ (or draw an area box or Select Members by Number ) to select the member(s) that you want to mark for processing. When selected, the members will be displayed in the " Primary selection color ', which by default is green. Use Select- if you want to deselect members.

2 . Invoke Mark Member for Processing using any one (1) of the following methods:

Methods 1, 2 & 3 : A Mark Member for Processing icon can be added to your toolbar (classic) or ribbon (lightning). The icon, keyboard shortcut or context menu command can be found in the group named ' Model -- Member '. For lightning, Customize Interface is used to configure ribbons, keyboards, the context menu and modes.

Method 4 : Choose Model > Member > Process > Mark for Processing (classic).

Method 5 (you must preselect -- step 1a -- to do this) : Right-click ( Menu ), choose " Mark members for processing " on the context menu ,

3 . Skip this step if you already selected members in step 1a.

Select Item(s) bindings

3a : (if you didn't preselect) The status line prompts you to " Select members to mark ." Select Item(s) mode mouse bindings become active so that you can Select and/or Select+ one or more members. You can also select members by drawing an area box or using the Model Tree . Press the Enter key or right-click ( Menu ) and choose " OK " on the context menu when you are done selecting the member(s) and are ready to go to step 4.

4 . All members which you selected in step 1a (or 3a) are now marked for processing. If these members were displayed in solids form in step 1, they are now displayed in stick form.

Tip: At this time you may want to Process and Create Solids .

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