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This option is for users who would like to divide Process and Create Solids into parts and select which members to process (instead of having Process and Create Solids automatically select members).

1 . Invoke Process Selected Members using any one (1) of the following methods:

  • On your ribbon, click the Process Selected Members icon. If the icon is not currently on the ribbon, you can add it using the Ribbon Editor . In the Ribbon Editor , choose Process > Process Selected Members .
  • Use a keyboard shortcut (if one has been set up). Process Selected Members is in the keyboard configuration " Command group " called ' Process '.
  • Use the appropriate mouse binding in the appropriate mode. In Mode Configuration , the tool can be selected from the " Command group " called ' Process '.

2 . A selection dialog opens. On it is a selection list of all members that have been created in your current Job . Members that have not been Processed or have changed since they were last Processed are automatically selected on the list.

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 [4] C_2
[5] C_3
" Hide ... " and " Show All " can be used to adjust which classes of members are shown on the selection list. " by Number " lists the members by order of their member numbers [in brackets].

Alternative 1 : If you want to edit only one member, double-click the number or piecemark of that member. Go to step 3.

Alternative 2 : Select multiple members, then press " OK " to continue to step 3.

Alternative 3 : Press the " Cancel " button to end the Process Selected Members operation. Do not continue.

3 . A progress bar appears on screen to graphically illustrate that processing is taking place.

3a : When the progress bar reaches 100%, the progress bar window will close automatically if the box is checked ( ) for " Close when done ." If the window does not close automatically, you can close it by checking that same box or by pressing the " OK " button.

4 . Skip this step if it does not apply. Process Only at this point opens a notification window that says, "Due to certain framing situations encountered during this process operation, additional members have now been marked for creating solids and piecemark assignment." The notification window also tells you what phases of Process and Create Solids the member has been marked for.

4a : Press the " OK " button to dismiss the notification window.

5 . Things you can do in Modeling after Process Selected Members :

  • Process and Create Solids to update the " additional members [that] have now been marked for creating solids and piecemark assignment " (see step 4 ).
  • Find the calculated values for items on beam , column , vertical brace or horizontal brace edit windows that are marked Auto (e.g., " Shear load ," " Minus dimension " & " Material setback ").
  • Use Model > Status Display > Search > Failed connection to display in a color of your choosing those members in your currrent Modeling view that have failed connections.
  • Conduct searches ( Process > Search ) for members whose connections have specific characteristics (e.g. failed connections or connections that connection design has changed).
  • Revise connections using connection design locks .

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